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Home Staging und Home Styling
Interior Wien


Home staging, also known as redesign or home styling, is a mix of sales technique and interior design aimed at presenting a property in a way that attracts as many potential buyers or tenants as possible, thus allowing it to be sold or rented more quickly.

Industry insiders understand the difference that home staging can make. They know that purchase decisions are mainly made on the basis of first impressions, even if the buyers are often not even aware that this is the case.

Even the smallest details can play a decisive role in the design of a room, but only a true professional knows how to bring these details together into a harmonious picture that attracts the eye of the future buyer.

If the first impression is good, potential clients walk through the property with positive thoughts, looking for other details that reinforce their positive opinion. But if the first impression is a negative one, the client looks at the property with different eyes and searches for reasons not to buy or rent it.

Home Staging und Property Staging


Our services


We visit you on site and present you with ideas on necessary improvements that are tailored to the particular situation. We provide you with advice on how to present your property attractively on the market with as little effort as possible so that it stands out from the crowd and appeals to a large group of potential buyers or tenants.

We work either with the existing furnishings and fittings or with empty properties, which we style and outfit as required to convey a particular lifestyle. Accordingly, the actual work in a home staging project always depends on whether the property is currently vacant or occupied.

In both cases, we make use of accessories like textiles, cushions, carpets and works of art. We also work with colors and light. We give the rooms balance and thereby optimize their look.

We can also carry out small repairs to floors, walls, power lines, etc.

We also provide our services for complete renovation and other construction projects.

Individuelle Wohnraumgestaltung
Interior Design Wien

ADVANTAGES of home staging

  • Reach a broader spectrum of potential buyers/tenants through professional and appealing adverts

  • More hits/views on internet platforms

  • Shorter sales times

  • Achieve the best possible selling price

  • Supply initial interior design suggestions for the property

  • Improve your image by presenting an attractive, well-kept property

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