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We offer our planning and construction services for new builds, property conversions or renovation projects alike. Our services range from the initial idea, planning, visualization and preparation of the necessary submission documents through to the actual construction work and site management.

We listen carefully to the wishes of our customers and take great care to ensure that their preferences and tastes are taken into account. Our plans are a careful balance of aesthetics and usability. We develop clear floor layouts, sophisticated technical schematics and detailed furnishing concepts to ensure our projects can be realized effectively and efficiently.

Planen und Bauen Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland

We create sophisticated and sustainable single and multi-family houses that meet – and exceed – the expectations of our clients and are tailored to their individual needs. We strive to exploit the full potential of the space in our designs and at the same time ensure that the interior rooms are optimally designed for their intended purpose. The final result, in the form of the design, is a ultimately always a combination of our efforts and the decisions of the customer.

While our architectures are oriented on tried and tested solutions, they by no means ignore innovations and the latest trends. Indeed, it is the combination of these elements that allows us to create original and unique spaces. We want our projects to please the user but we also want them to be more, namely suitable for purpose and, above all, safe.

Planung Gebäude Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland
Planung Wohnräume Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland
Umbau Gebäude Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland
Sanierung Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland
Wohnraumgestaltung Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland

Efficient construction methods, ideal room climates and the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials all combine to ensure that you get optimal quality and durability.

So that your dream home becomes a reality

Take a look at a few examples of our recent projects

Hier finden Sie eine Sammlung inspirierender und beeindruckender Bauprojekte, die unsere Leidenschaft für Qualität und Innovation widerspiegeln. Von modernen Wohnungen, bis hin zu Zubauten, Wohnungssanierungen, Einfamilienhäusern und Kellerstöckel bieten unsere Projekte eine Vielfalt an Designs und Stilen, die das Resultat unserer engagierten Arbeit und Expertise darstellen.


Tauchen Sie ein in unsere Galerie und lassen Sie sich von unseren erfolgreichen Bauprojekten inspirieren, die durch Präzision, Kreativität und höchste Standards gekennzeichnet sind.

Wohnungsbau Wien

Project Weissenseer, 1130 Wien
5 Apartments, Living space: 450m²
Completion: 2023

Baumeister Wien

Project Weissenseer, 1100 Wien
21 Apartments, Living space: 1.800m²
Completion: 2023

Balkonzubau Wien
Planung und Umsetzung Balkonzubau Wien

Balcony, 1180 Wien
Space: ca. 7m²
Completion: 2023

Planung und Bau Kellerstöckel Burgenland

Kellerstöckel, Markt Neuhodis Burgenland
Living space: 60m²
Completion: 2023

Wohnbausanierung Wiener Neustadt

Apartment building restoration Wiener Neustadt, Niederösterreich
3 Residential Buildings, 25 Apartments
Completion: 2023

Baumeister Einfamilienhaus in Niederösterreich

House Matzen, Lower Austria
Living space: 230 m²
Completion: 2022

Planung und Umbau Haus im Burgenland

House Markt Neuhodis, Burgenland
Living space: 175 m²
Completion: 2021

Plaung und Bau Einfamilienhau Wien

House, 1210 Vienna
Living space: 169 m²
Completion: 2021

Baumeister Wien u Niederösterreich

House Lanzendorf, Niederösterreich
Living space: 156 m²
Completion: 2020

We provide you with in-depth advice on your project and manage it for you from start to finish.

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