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Interior Wien
Interior Wien


We also design office spaces, lawyer’s offices, medical practices, cafés, restaurants and hotels. Our design services for business premises are targeted primarily at small- to medium-sized enterprises, and we thoroughly enjoy the challenge of designing such projects.

Our goal thereby is to create functional and aesthetic solutions that convey a sense of freedom and comfort to all their users. We develop creative concepts and design your spaces by creating comfortable, user-friendly arrangements and applying the latest interior design trends. At the same time, we take great care to emphasize the most important features and characteristics of your business, company or brand.

We design and implement your project


to a very high-quality

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Büroraumgestaltung Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland


We are passionate about planning and designing office spaces. We take utmost care to adhere to the principles of ergonomics and create comfortable work and meeting spaces. Our design projects include simple work rooms, managers’ offices, conference rooms, lobbies as well as reception and open-space areas.

Office furnishings can be a great way of advertising a business. With the right interior design decisions, you can communicate a marketing message that is in unison with your business.

Gestaltung von Kanzlein und Arztpraxen


A welcoming design is especially important when clients and patients might have to spend a lot of time in your waiting room. The waiting room is also the business card of your medical practice or law firm. So it has to be designed with particular attention to comfort and ergonomics.

Our designs incorporate both these factors and are characterized by their sophisticated look and feel. Your patients or clients are welcomed in a fitting environment that combines an atmosphere of calm with a tasteful touch of design.

Gestaltung Hotel, Bar, Cafes


We are on hand to support you in the renovation or redesign of your hotel, bar, restaurant or café from start to finish. We also help you to select the fittings and ensure they are arranged in an optimal manner.

Optimal interior design ensures comfort, creates a sense of well-being and allows tourists to enjoy a dream vacation or business travelers to relax after a hard day at work.

We adhere at all times to the principles of branding and take corresponding care in the selection of colors and individual components.

Interior Wien für Hotels
Interior Design für Geschäftsräume Wien
Interior Design Büro Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland
Interior Wien für Cafes und Restaurants
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